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I recently wrote about how misleading shemale sites are to those ignorant about shemales and that pretty much constitutes 99.99% of society.

The porn sites that typically showcase trannies only show off the absolute best of the best looking of those. The scrutiny is far more intense than mainstream porn where, when it comes to females, as long as you have tits and a vagina you are pretty much in. That rings true for every porn site other than those with extreme specialisation and the absolute top of the top guys.

And here today I get the opportunity to write about a shemale site that does not even represent the average looking transsexual. These are still well above average and already it is cringy as fuck.

This shemale in pic goes by the name of Janiri and while that is a very average jawline for a guy it suddenly looks ridiculously masculine when underscored by a pair of tits.

If you want to have a real scare then you should see what an average real life shemale looks like.

At least you won’t quite have to do that here and you can get a discount for 45% off instantly.

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